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Avon girl surprised with ‘Frozen’ themed bedroom

Joel Johnson, right, of Johnson Brunetti, with the Croen family in Avon in late October. Johnson gave 4-year-old Quinn, foreground, a special “Frozen”-themed gift as part of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

By Ted Glanzer

Staff Writer

Quinn Croen of Avon has been through a lot for a four year old.

She was born with a congenital disorder of the bile ducts, which resulted in her liver failing when she was a baby. At 2 months old, she had surgery to halt the progression of the disease, which unfortunately did not work.

At 9.5 months old she had a liver transplant – her father, Josh, donated a portion of his liver – at Yale New Haven Hospital, according to her mother, Jennifer Croen. Quinn’s body initially rejected the new liver and she had antibodies in her blood for some time, Jennifer Croen said.

With the challenges that Quinn has had, Johnson Brunetti Retirement Specialists stepped forward through the Make-A-Wish Foundation to provide Quinn, a massive fan of Princess Elsa, a bedroom themed after the Disney film “Frozen.”

The bedroom was completed over the summer and, on Oct. 26, Joel Johnson of Johnson Brunetti provided Quinn with a special gift – a basket of Elsa/“Frozen” swag that included a towel, toothbrush, backpack and pajamas.

The gift came at a perfect time, as Quinn was gearing up to dress up as Elsa for Halloween.

(Full disclosure: Quinn actually is a bigger fan of “Frozen 2,” with her favorite song being “Show Yourself.”.)

The Croens said they are deeply appreciative for the room and gifts.

“It’s been great,” Jennifer Croen said. “An Elsa room, we might not have had the time or the creativity to do, so it was really great. … It worked nice. Quinn loves it.”

Quinn, for her part, was thrilled to receive the special gift, and equally excited to show off her bedroom for a group of people on hand.

The room is impressive, with the walls painted with the movie’s gentle, icy blue pastiche and decorated with . The bed is adorned with “Frozen” blankets and pillows and there were more than a few “Frozen” toys.

Quinn joyously bounded up on the bed (either frequently meowing like a cat or declaring “no,” either declaration being perfectly charming) with her siblings, older brother Parker and sister Emelia.

Parker showed off his pet lizard Meso. The family’s naughty house cat tried to sneak outside more than once. Electronic Halloween decorations would blare spooky incantations from time to time.

It was, in short, perfect chaos in a loving home with two parents and three young, energetic kids – he type of normalcy that all families crave.

Johnson, for his part, said he and his company have adopted nine wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“We are so glad we met the organization Make-A-Wish,” Johnson said. “It’s fulfilling for us to see happiness in the children and to see parents get support with the family going through such a challenging time.”

Among the wishes Johnson Brunetti have adopted was building a basketball court for one teen and a pool for another family.

“Each wish is really unique, and customized for the children,” Johnson said. “We love it.”

Jennifer Croen says Quinn is doing “flourishing” and growing, though there are some complications from time to time from Quinn having been immunosuppressed at such a young age.

“Everything she does, we’re amazed,” Jennifer Croen said. “She is resilient.”

The family also is beyond the point of being tired of the “Frozen” movies and shorts that play nonstop in the house.

“It’s sort of background music at this point,” Jennifer Croen said with a chuckle.

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