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Canton commission continues hearing related to proposed apartment project

By John Fitts

Staff Writer

CANTON – The Canton Zoning Commission on July 20 continued a hearing related to a proposed apartment complex on Route 44 just off Daynard Drive.

Landscape Architect Robert C. Schechinger, Jr. recently filed an application, on behalf of 401 Albany Turnpike, LLC., for two, three-story buildings on the property, with a central connector building, complete with elevator and community space, to tie the two together, according to the application.

While an initial plan called for a total of 30, 2-bedroom apartments, developers noted they would likely pursue a plan for a slightly reconfigured layout that involves 32 units – 14, 1 bedroom and 18, 2-bedroom. There would be 34 ground parking spaces and approximately 20 garage spaces under that configuration.

Developers say the plan is responsible, would provide housing diversity and fits well architecturally and as a transitional use under the town’s form-based code. They also say the “bowl” nature of the site and design features provide good screening and tout the plan as much preferable to past plans for commercial use.

Several neighbors, however, expressed concerns about parking, additional traffic and noise on the quiet and narrow Daynard Drive, the lack of recreation space, connectivity issues and more.

The public hearing aspect of the plan is related to earthwork and grading. The project proposes an export of 9,300 cubic yards of material and import of 2,000 cubic yards. The developer is also seeking a few variances in the code due to topography and other factors.

The commission will continue the hearing Aug. 17 and asked the developer to provide some additional information on some aspects of the plan.

More to come in the Aug. 5 Valley Press.

Below are some of the maps and renderings provided as part of the application.


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