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Eagle Scproject pays tribute to Canton Police Department

Updated: Jul 31

By John Fitts

From left are Chief Christopher Arciero, Boy Scout Aidan Obrzut, Capt. Andrew Schiffer and Officer Mark Selander

CANTON – Members of the Canton Police Department recently joined other town officials and representatives from Boy Scout Troop 177 in dedicating the Eagle Scout project of Aidan Obrzut, which pays tribute to the work that officers and other police personnel perform on a daily basis.

“I wanted to do this project because the relationship between a community and its police department is so important,” Obrzut said. “I noticed that, as a community, we had not yet shown our thanks in a permanent way. My hope for this project is that the community will recognize the mission and sacrifices the police department makes for Canton and the police department will recognize how valued they are by the community.”

Obrzut said an adult leader in the Boy Scout Troop noted the need for some landscaping at the department and suggested it might make a good Eagle project.

Obrzut took the idea even further, deciding to create a tribute to the department, which includes a bench and a laser-etched granite plaque atop a concrete base.

The project came with the help of fellow members of Troop 177 as well as friends from the Canton High School track and field team and several adults from the troop and community. All told, volunteers logged more than 120 hours in the project.

Additionally, Obrzut launched a Go Fund Me Effort to fund the project.

Perhaps most impressively, he recently returned to Canton to finish the work, even though his family moved back to his native home of Texas last December, midway though his senior year.

Town officials noted their appreciation with the project and the scout’s dedication.

“I’d like to point out that the terms honorable, trustworthy, reliable, professional, effective, devoted – certainly apply to our police department – but I think they also apply to an Eagle Scout,” said Chief Administrative Officer Robert Skinner, noting the numerous hours put in as a Scout in general and for the project. “On behalf of the department and everybody else in town, I certainly appreciate this and appreciate what it stands for.” Police Chief Christopher Arciero also noted how involved the steps to attain Eagle status truly are.

Chief Administrative Officer Robert Skinner signs off on the Eagle Scout project, verifying its completeness. In background are Police Chief Christopher Arciero, center, and Former Troop 177 Scoutmaster and project coach Joe Iannello.

“There’s a lot of thought that goes behind it and I think you certainly put a lot of thought behind this,” Arciero said. “It underscores that motto of being a Boy Scout and being prepared.”

The chief added that it became even more poignant when on the same day the tribute was installed, two officers were ambushed in Rochester, NY. One, Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, a 29-year veteran of the Rochester Police Department, was killed.

“It’s so appropriate to have this this will be a lasting memory of what you did for Canton police and what the Canton police do for the community,” said Arciero.